home alone? more like



if i could swing a really big sword it wouldnt even matter if anyone loved me or not


Harley Quinn gives me so much life

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"Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh."

I’m quitting WoW like I quit League. Literally all its made me do is get angry because everyone I play with endlessly bothers me with questions about the game that they cant spend 5 seconds googling. I want to play the bloody game and learn more, not hold everyone’s hand throughout the day.  I don’t even care that I’ve bought WoD and just paid for 2 more months of time, I;m quitting. Great game, but hate just about everyone on there and because raiding, dungeons, pvp, and just about everything else require others, I’ll happily consider all the money on it wasted


How am I going to tell them I lost my job.

I have a wife, and 3 children

3 Children. 

somebody: so what do you do in your free time?
me: I read
somebody: oh, really? what do you read?
me: *sweats*
I’ll spare no mercy for anyone.


Nine turning himself in


Don’t wish death upon your enemies wish for them to have this for the rest of their life